Background: My name is Kimmie Pearson. I live in Edina, MN with my husband, Phil and daughter, Josephine. This blog is all about how my life makes me who I am.

I grew up in Isanti, MN and lived there until I was 18. After graduation, I moved to Cambridge for the summer and lived with Ange and Andrew. From there, I went to two weeks of college at St. Scholastica in Duluth. College was not (and still is not) for me so I moved to St. Paul to live with Ange (again) and Alyssa (I just realized I have lived with all of you Burgers). When I couldn't find a job in St. Paul (mainly because I wasn't actively looking), I moved back to Isanti for about four months. In 2005, I made the big move to Minneapolis where I rented an apartment with my friend, Cassie, in Loring Park. In 2005, I started dating my now husband, Phil. We got engaged a year later and married the year after that (October 2007). After our wedding, we moved to Edina. On mother's day 2008, I found out I was pregnant and gave birth to a wonderful, healthy baby girl- Josephine.

Now you know a little about my background. My next posts will be more exciting.