I am so frustrated with Phil's job right now. He works his shifts and the chef's shifts. Phil also does work at the apartment building we live in (we get discounted rent). I just don't understand why the work he does is never enough? He always gets compared to his brother-in-law, who is a very hard worker- he works at the restaurant, at church, and he does work for the restaurant and around my in-laws house.

Phil shouldn't be compared to his brother-in-law and he shouldn't be judged by how many hours he works but the work he puts in to the hours. Everyday, there is something new. Here is a prime example. Last year, Phil's brother-in-law, and family went to Romania. The day they left for Romania, Phil's mom got sick and the chef at the restaurant was hospitalized. Phil got stuck working his shifts, his mom's shifts, his brother-in-laws shifts, and the chef's shifts and he didn't complain once. We go on vacation Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Phil normally has Saturdays off, but works Fridays and Sundays) and when we come back, Phil's mom has him scheduled to work an extra shift for his brother-in-law AND for another manager who works there TO GIVE THEM A BREAK!

Phil is waiting for the electricians union to call him with a job. They called him about a month ago and asked his permission to give his information out so now he is just waiting to get hired. Please pray for him to be hired as an electrician apprentice and please pray for my sanity.



I was at the bookstore today when I came across a book called, "Awkward Family Photos." I couldn't stop laughing. Here are a few of my favorites. ENJOY!



Planned the Vegas Vacation!!! We aren't going until October, but I am very excited. It will be a week to ourselves in a place we have never been but I fear I will miss Josephine too much. We might have to hook up Skype (is that how you spell it?) before we go. I am in crazy planning mode anyway right now. I am in a wedding this summer and am planning parties left and right, my dad is turning 50 in November so I have his party to plan and my dear dear friend, Ange is HAVING A BABY (!!!!!!!!) so I will have the honor of helping to plan a baby shower.

I like planning. Maybe I will put some of my ideas up on my blog.




Random thought- maybe cabin fever (still)

I want to take my first couples vacation... Me and Phil and at least one other couple. I am thinking a cruise since they are all inclusive or a trip to Vegas. Maybe we could use my mother-in-law's time share in Grand Cayman?



Josephine- 16 months:
I can't believe how quickly Josephine is growing up. My life passes right before my eyes when I think about how fast the time has gone. When she was a newborn, I couldn't wait to see her grow and now I just want her to stay the way she is for a while.

In the past 4 months, Josephine learned to walk. She walks everywhere and in doing so has fallen a few times. One time, she required 4 stitches. About a month after she got her stitches out, she fell again and hit the same spot. She has learned a lot of new signs and is now talking when she says them. She knows duck, more, eat, baby, bath, thank-you, milk, please, puppy, ball, all done, phone, and banana. She says Daddy, Dada (which is mama), thank-you, please, bless you, two, diaper and love you. Josephine is ALWAYS singing. Her favorite songs to sings are the ABC's and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

I love everything about her and am excited to see the new things she can do but wish there was more time.



Background: My name is Kimmie Pearson. I live in Edina, MN with my husband, Phil and daughter, Josephine. This blog is all about how my life makes me who I am.

I grew up in Isanti, MN and lived there until I was 18. After graduation, I moved to Cambridge for the summer and lived with Ange and Andrew. From there, I went to two weeks of college at St. Scholastica in Duluth. College was not (and still is not) for me so I moved to St. Paul to live with Ange (again) and Alyssa (I just realized I have lived with all of you Burgers). When I couldn't find a job in St. Paul (mainly because I wasn't actively looking), I moved back to Isanti for about four months. In 2005, I made the big move to Minneapolis where I rented an apartment with my friend, Cassie, in Loring Park. In 2005, I started dating my now husband, Phil. We got engaged a year later and married the year after that (October 2007). After our wedding, we moved to Edina. On mother's day 2008, I found out I was pregnant and gave birth to a wonderful, healthy baby girl- Josephine.

Now you know a little about my background. My next posts will be more exciting.