Last month was busy. I think we were gone every weekend. Josephine and I were in a wedding (fun)! We spent a weekend up north with the girls (Heidi, Klara, Ashley, Payton, Ange, and Eli). Lots of fun. Josephine is now 18months old and she is repeating every word I say (I gotta watch my mouth ;-) ) She enjoys learning with phonics. Her favorite letter is C. She also got two more teeth which brings her grand total to eight! WWWHOA!

My bees have a new home in Bethel and are being combined with another hive- one that has a queen. I am really excited to go and see them again in a couple of weeks. There should be some honey and brood this time!! I want to turn this in to my career. I am having so much fun with it and love that I will be able to use of the bee's products- the honey and beeswax.

Other than that, I am looking forward to the state fair and Vegas!!!!!!!

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